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Thank you very much sirs! I received my NCE power cab system last week based on your recommendations…and cannot describe how great it is…WOW! I appreciate the information on the decoders and hopefully, I can get them installed with no difficulty in the Atlas GP30 locomotives. You have a customer for life from now on…your customer service is beyond OUTSTANDING!…………..Chuck L. in Ohio


A big thank you to Louis for leading me through the correct installation of my auto reversers today and Erik last week for helping me figure out a toggle switch needed replacing – the old SPDT Center Off Momentary switch was apparently damaged when the train layout moved to a museum and was reversing the auto throw from the Hare just as the loco entered the turnout. I cannot say how much I appreciate the phone-line customer service………….Gordon L


A great big thank you to your staff for a very easy transaction and delivery to here in Australia. I will return along with others in the model train community. Again a great big THANK YOU!! Kind regards……………Glenn in Australia


I received my new Athearn Genesis ES44DC GEVO with the TTX LED’s you installed and it is AWESOME. It was wrapped with padding perfectly and the one week turn around was was totally unexpected. It looks great on the point of any NS train and I am looking forward to getting many more. Thanks to everyone again……..Chris K. in North Carolina

I just wanted you folks to know the PSX-AR I purchased from you works great. All my engines now enter the reversing loop and exit the loop flawlessly. I am a happy camper. I first tried the AR 520 from MRC but it did not work. The engines would enter the reversing loop but stall for about 3 to 5 seconds upon exiting the loop. Since I have two reversing loops I will now order the second PSX-AR unit for the 2nd loop. Thank you so much for putting out such a great product. You folks saved my butt. Thank you…………Mike B in Wasco, California


You guys are awesome to work with and have been very helpful to me in my conversion to DCC.  That is why I am a return customer… prices are good but service is amazing.  I recommend you guys to anyone I talk to about this stuff……….Sidecar Joe in Washington, PA

To all the folks at Tony’s & NCE: 
When I bought my NCE Power Cab at Tony’s Train Exchange, Erik Fiske told me you guys at NCE were top notch. When I broke it and and asked Ed Furrer at Tony’s for advice, he told me Tony’s is a dealer for NCE because NCE is always helpful and responsive, which was another reason Tony’s recommends your products. They didn’t tell me NCE wouldn’t charge me for the repair! I am amazed and thankful. I will only buy NCE products through Tony’s, and frankly, the price doesn’t matter. Thanks again……………Tom S. in New Hampshire


Erik, I received the order – specifically 2 of the small and 2 of the SuperSonic mini sugar cube speakers. INCREDIBLE SOUND!!!! Great product. Will likely order some more soon………….Matt H. in Louisiana


Just wanted to say thank you for recommending the CMX Clean Machine; a great product at a fair price and with excellent service. I have cleaned 360 feet of track in the hour and the results are excellent. Many thanks…….Bob K in Australia

Morning guys, I finally received my  HO Bachmann 44-ton loco that you folks installed the sound and stay-alive decoder in……after a two week stay at the Canada Customs warehouse here in Montreal. I just wanted to say that I am absolutely thrilled with the loco and the quality of the install, the sound and the actual running qualities!!!!!  It is awesome indeed and I am amazed at how you manage to fit everything in such a small, cramped body. Tony’s Trains has been my go-to for all things DCC since I first got into DCC and bought my first NCE Pro-Cab well over 12 years ago and you guys are still keeping up to the highest standards of quality and service as ever!!! Thanks again for being the best!! Cheers……..Gene K. in Montreal


Dear Erik, I just got back into the hobby about a year ago. I popped into your store and your good folks recommended the NCE Power Cab. I also bought 20 NCE decoders and have had great fun installing them (ok, so I’m a nut!).
Recently, I bought a couple of RDC units. When I googled DCC Installation, your link came up:
The reason I am writing to thank you is, without this link, it would have taken me about six hours to figure out the installation. I did it in under an hour. It’s one thing to sell products. It’s another to give back to the community. Tony’s Trains is a great resource. Thank you very much…………Sim B in Toronto Canada

Troy, Please feel free to share with others that I think the degree of service you and your colleagues at Tony’s Train Exchange has been excellent. I really do appreciate the degree of communication and leg-work you all have done for this order. I had heard Tony’s Train Exchange had good service, but I hadn’t until now realized just how good………..Ed D. in Washington D.C.

Larry, On behalf of the Glendale Model Railroad Society, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your recent telephone help with our DCC related issues.

Most of us on the Glendale Electrical Committee are relatively new to DCC and none of us have extensive electrical engineering knowledge or backgrounds. When we do have issues, much is learned by blindly searching online forums or various Google searches.  This last round of problems with melting side-frames and burnt decoders was a particular tough nut to crack.  To be honest, we had little resources to even begin to troubleshoot our NCE 10amp system.

So I appreciate all the time and patience you spent with me and Dean to troubleshoot our wiring faults and correct them.  You have helped us make the railroad safer for the members to operate their equipment, as well as giving those of us on the Electrical Committee the ability to identify and prevent potential problems in the future.

We had a full run session this past month – with some 10-15 trains running across the course of our railroad, and the power supplies, circuit breakers, and protections worked perfectly. Thank you, Sincerely…..Scott Sackett, Electrical Chairman, Glendale Model Railroad Society


Dear Lew, I Appreciate your quick diagnosis and solution of my DCC Auto Reverser problem. I also enjoyed your funny call, breaking the news to me. My new PSX-AR reverser is installed and, of course, is working perfectly. All the best……….Richard W in North Hampton MA


Lewis, Thanks for your help in my recent purchase of my PowerCab and Atlas Loco with the LokSound unit. I have everything up and running and am very pleased with the outcome. Your recommendations  and knowledge on my purchase made the whole process much easier…….John C. in NY  

Hi Larry, Thank you for your prompt resonse and great help. I fitted just one snubber to the end of that problem power district and it fixed it immediately. Thank you again for your help. My mates and I have bought a bunch of RRamp Meters from you over the past few years and love them. I’m looking forward to telling them about your great service. Regards….Bill in Australia


Thanks Erik for applying the sales coupon after the fact!  It’s customer service just like this that makes me proud to be a Tony’s customer for over twenty years ——— Paul C in Tucson Arizona


I recently purchased a CMX O 3Rail track cleaning car from your store; It works fantastic and get’s the job done on my 36×11 Lionel 3 rail layout. I would like to thank Lewis for spending the time with me on the phone to explain how the car works and then taking my order. The car was shipped very fast and I had it in a few days. You can be sure I will be back for other products. It’s nice to be able to talk to someone on the phone when I buy a product so I know what I am ordering is the correct item for my needs.
Best Regards……….Sal in New Jersey


Troy, You all are so helpful and enthusiastic–thank you so much for you help today! Co (my son) left saying, “every time I go to Tony’s I get more excited than ever!” I know that I’ll have more questions for you and Erik, but for the moment I think we’re good to go. We’re almost done with the benchwork in Co’s room, and I hope we’ll have the track set up by the end of the week.

Thanks again so much, Troy! And please thank Erik for his master class in electrical wiring. It was superb. I’m already putting together my next order!……………………Nat L. in Vermont


Dear TTX, I have been dealing with model railroad merchant’s and dealers since the early 1960’s and I can say that in dealing with everyone at your company puts you at the very top of my list of companies to deal with. I certainly will keep you in mind as my future purchases are contemplated. So congratulations in building a very solid Model Railroad Company. Thanks and sincerely,……Will G. in Nebraska


I have been a customer of Tony’s Train’s for years. I have always gotten the best service either through ordering products or asking a question. You guys are one of the best customer service companies. Fast service, friendly and helpful customer care. Thank you Erik, keep up the good work!———– Dennis R. in Texas


Hello Erik, I would like to thank you and your crew for helping a couple of model railroaders solve a seemingly complex problem. I am a long time customer of Tony’s trains, and I have a rather large DCC, HO layout. My friend, Shawn, lives in Grants Pass, Ore., and is a long time model railroader, but recently switched from HO to O gauge, because of failing eyesight.

Shawn is now putting together a nice O gauge layout with a number of new locos. He just recently purchased a couple of decoders from Tony’s. He also recently purchased an A-B-B-A set of Sunset F7 diesels that came with sound already aboard. The problem was no manual or instructions regarding the sound system. All four F7’s were surging against each other while pulling a freight train. Both Shawn and I tried to contact the decoder manufacturer for several business days, both by voice and by email, without luck. 

This morning, I thought about giving Tony’s a call in the hope you could help, and you did. Lew B knew the answer and passed it along to me. I then instructed Shawn over the phone how to change the CV’s, and the F7’s began to behave themselves. There are a lot of places that sell parts and pieces, but few give the extra effort. As far as we are concerned, Lew B gets our vote for the employee of the month/year/century. He gave the extra effort to really help us out, and we would like to bring his outstanding effort to your attention.

Best regards, Bill D in Seattle WA 


Erik, Just a quick note to let you know that this order arrived yesterday, in perfect condition. It only took three days all the way to St. Croix! That’s incredible. As always, your shipping department packed the engine safely and got it in the mail right away. You guys are are the best!————–Christopher S.


Hi Erik, Thanks for the quick service & I appreciate you sending me notice regarding my order. Tony’s is a class “A” business & I’ll be a returning customer. ———– Al D. in Fond du Lac, WI 


Hi Guys, First off. Excellent customer service! Emails are retuned almost instantly. Phone calls are returned with 24 hrs. Trust me when I say in dealing with all the issues I had in the past couple months with different manufactures , support etc. You guys are up there. Way up there !!!  #1!!! ———Neil B. in Ontario


Erik, I Just wanted to follow back up with you to extend my thanks to the TTX Team for helping me out with my Flying Yankee project. The LokSound decoder and speaker are all installed and my version of “the Mountaineer” runs and sounds terrific!!! I will definitely be checking back in with you folks for my future needs.  My sincere thanks again to all who helped!!  And wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year to you and yours. Thanks, —Paul M


Erik, my wife and I met the other members of Tony’s, including the mascots, when we visited northern Vermont in early November. I thank your crew for taking an interest in showing my wife what DCC and sound is all about. She even has a lunch date with Grace; she is such a jewel. The two Lews were most helpful in demonstrating the TCS WOW sound. Lew the HO installer showed me installation tips and the SuperSonic Mini speakers and enclosures I would use in my PRR F7s so I left your establishment with a full set-up for one of my F7s.

       Back home in Dover, Delaware, I installed the WOW sound and speaker in one of my F7s and took it to the club. Needless to say, people were astounded at the sound my engine emitted. They want to order some of your products after the holidays.

        Last week I ordered an Athearn Genesis PRR GP9b from you. Your shipping was tremendous. Ship on Friday, receive on Monday, wow! Your price on the locomotive was the same as the hobby shop we go to that’s 100 miles away from me. Your shipping was cheaper and faster. Your service makes me want to visit your shop again, even though it is a trip of over 500 miles. The next time we visit Vermont, Tony’s will be on our list of must visits. Thank you. Merry Christmas and a happy new year—-Les S. in Delaware


Erik, Once again I find myself having the opportunity to thank you and your staff for what appears to me as an extremely fine job on Ryan’s G-Scale locomotive. From what I can see, all the work I asked for has been done impeccably. I hope to deliver it to him, Katie and the little ones next weekend. It will be up to them to test out the decoder. I haven’t told them I’ve got the loco…it will be a surprise. I know he’ll have something set up for Christmas.

I repeat my thanks for all your help and wish you, your Family and your Crew all the best for the Thanksgiving and Christmas Seasons!
Will be in touch for my next project, whatever it is! Kind Regards…….Jim in Chatham Massachusetts


Thank you Erik.  The DCC Specialties PSX-AR arrived today and it is already powering a new reverse loop on my DCC layout. I appreciate your prompt, reliable service, and your fine products……..Best, Mark in Los Angeles, CA


Hank,  Thank you very much for your message and for all of your help and for doing this so quickly. You have done all that I was hoping for with all of the sound work.  I really appreciate your help and for the explanation of how the 244 prime mover works.

I do like the sound of the 244 and I will keep it and enjoy it.  I am so glad that you were able to adjust all the sounds down by 50% on the 244 prime mover. The Sacramento Model Railroad Club also thanks you as they like low sound locomotives on the layout. I am also really glad that you adjusted the whistle interval to slow.

 I have many locos that need decoders and speed matching that I will now be sending to Tony’s since you really listen and take care of me.

 You have done all that I asked, and again, thank you so much for your help.

 Sincerely, Jim in California



Greetings form Chatham!

This is a note to express my total satisfaction with the decoder work your people did on my locomotives. The results exceed my wildest expectations. The new dimensions to the Hobby for me….multiple train control…sound….etc., are unbelievable. Of course, you folks have known this for years!

Please take a moment from your busy schedule to extend to Lew White my personal thanks. He seems to be the one who did all the work. I’m also very appreciative that all the unglued parts that could have come off during transit, and did, were carefully packaged and returned to me. 

Your team is the best and I repeat my earlier comments that I will be pleased to be a reference for you for anyone who might be wondering about the quality of your work. In fact, I believe you might want to tinker with your Model Railroader ad by indicating the availability on your web site of the comments of actual satisfied customers. Once again, thank one and all for very fine work.

With great appreciation, Jim in Massachusetts


Hello Erik,

Well after 17-emails back and forth with Frank I finally got the wiring straight in my head. No one else would walk through it with me. Not the manufacturers and certainly not a single one of your competitors! So you get my business. It is rare to find someone like Frank that just keeps pushing and responding to my questions until the light came on! Again, thank you for all your help and patience.



Hello Ed,

 I test ran the locos over the weekend and was absolutely delighted with the improvement in running of the re-motored units after cleaning, quartering, and all the other fine work that was done on these high quality models which in some cases have not run in over 20 years and were “gummed up.” These brass pieces represent specific steam locomotive types and numbers which ran through my home town during my youth during 1957 to ’67 and will run on my layout with the diesels that replaced them about 1959. Your selection of the manufacturers of the DCC and sound was a good one, and I’m very happy with the quality of craftsmanship in this transaction. I understand the specialty nature of each of these models, and that waiting for parts from third party suppliers can take time in what is essentially a cottage industry in many cases. This morning I explained to a co-worker that this project is like owning a valuable antique clock and sending it away to a watchmaker for refurbishment.  

Thanks for the excellent work. As a happy customer, I’ll send another batch of brass to work your magic.   Regards, Lee in Canada


I just received my CMX Clean Machine. I thought my track was clean but I guess I was wrong. I ran the CMX Machine on just my mainline and the CMX picked up so much filth off the rails. This machine absolutely works as advertised. I’m just sorry i didn’t buy one sooner.

Tom, Indiana


Hi Troy,  Thank you very much for your response, especially the diligence you exhibited in researching a solution for me. This is great customer service, and I will be happy to be a reference regarding the service you have provided. I am a member of the Amherst Railway Society, and attend HO operating sessions weekly, and I will pass on to my peers the story about the great service I received. I will always look first to Tony’s for my future purchases.

Thanks again! Ted in Massachusetts


Erik, Thank you for your generous offer.  I am very pleased with the outcome and the support you and Larry have provided. It is refreshing to see people with such excellent service and strong business ethics considering the difficulties faced in the market these days. I will not hesitate to recommend you guys and your products to others I associate with.

Kind regards and thanks again,  Chris In Australia


Hi Ed,  Now THAT’S service…Wonderful…Thank you for your help….I will now use your ordering form for 2 units, one for each end of my layout. Once again, Erik, thank you for your assistance….This is the third time I’ve had dealings with your company and each time, excellent service. —All the best Dave R.


Larry,  A brief note to say thank you to you and the staff at Tony’s Trains for your quick and accurate assistance to my inquiry last week. After re-gapping where the original gaps had been undone, and removing a set of wires in the reversing loop which had been routed to the regular track power bus, the PSX-AR is functioning properly. I also received the four decoders and speakers I ordered. Thanks again for prompt and knowledgeable service. 

Dan in West Virginia


Erik, I just wanted to thank you for your very prompt response to my inquiry. I was amazed. I am at a point in the development of my model train layout where I need someone’s expertise in where to look when choosing the right DCC controller, decoders, power supply, etc. for my large scale indoor layout. Your time and recommendations, without the pressure to buy from you, are much appreciated in this high pressure world we now live in. You are a very positive indication that your company is much more than a “order taking point”. It is refreshing to know that there are professionals out there that are really “customer oriented”..I will be back. Thanks Erik. —Bill



Erik, Thanks to you and Chris for the prompt handling of the Digitrax Super Chief Duplex system. The Super Chief Duplex, power supply, RRampmeter and other assorted items arrived in good order around midday. Everything seems to be working quite well. I’ve configured my old DB150 to be a booster dedicated to stationary decoders and put the Super Chief in place. Works like a charm, including throwing a couple of turnouts with the Switch Kats. Now I get to spend a good bit of time over the next month neatening hastily done wiring. It will be fun. I will whole-heartedly recommend Tony’s Trains. As I had read on the internet, your customer service is second to none. You were invaluable in helping me make the right decision and I’ll keep my eyes open for the Quad Jack Wabbit.

George, Huntersville, NC


Dear Erik,  First of all, we would like to say a very special “Thank You” for all your help and kindness. In growing up in my family’s 5 generation independent drug store (no chain store here!!) it was very nice to be treated so nicely. Just like our parents and grandparents taught us. It is really nice to see kindness and service are still around!!

Dennis A.


Erik, received e-mail from Troy and am proceeding as you suggest. I just ordered 2 AR 1s from your shop and will proceed with track laying. Your solution seems very simple and elegant. I can’t thank you enough for your prompt responses and advice. Your customer service is sensational in my view.

Best regards, George


Tony, I am totally amazed at the fantastic service you have provided for my recent order for an NCE PowerCab. I didn’t expect to see it for a week or two but it arrived in just a couple of days. Now that’s service! With all of the choices for buying model train supplies it can be a scary experience trying new outlets. I’m very glad I went with Tony’s Trains and I look forward to buying all of my DCC supplies from you in the future, as your prices are fair and the service fantastic. Keep up the good work.

Best regards, Bob C.


Thanks Grace for the follow up and prompt service – items have arrived and installed working fine. Thank you for the great service and attention to detail – very much appreciated. My friends suggested I use your organisation during September when I was in St John NB visiting the local train club and their homes for a number operating sessions. So thank you once again – I will be ordering again soon.

Regards Stu,



I received the Y-1 in good order and I am extremely happy with the work of Hank. He did a great job and I certainly will call on him and Tony’s Trains in the future.




Thank you both for your excellent advice, professionalism and friendly service. Eric was especially helpful yesterday explaining some of the products on the quote and what they do. He also identified and suggested turnout areas where new Peco turnouts would be better than the SL-95 ones from the original quote. Thanks for all your help, as I’m sure I’ll have more questions and need some of your expertise at that time. Tony’s Trains has been great to do business with and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Regards, Mike M.


Thanks for assist on this, Larry and Lou – truly appreciated, doubly so on a weekend!

Dave P.


Hi Lou,

Just wanted to thank you for re-sending the Handbrake Stand for the Ho Lionel Turbine after the first one was sent to the wrong postcode. Thank you for going the extra distance and resending it. That’s what good customer service is all about. 🙂

Cheers, Brett J.


Thank You. I will be using you a lot as I switch from N to HO. Your website is great and your prices are very competitive.

Robert A. C.


Dear Hank  -Thank you for all the work on my Suydam interurban. It functions great and I really am enjoying running iy on our club layout. Best wishes.

William S.


Thank you for your continuing support of the Santa Fe Modelers, Eastern Group in both product donations and people from your organization 1) conduct a clinic or two, and 2) help us folks that are just getting into DCC or trying to learn more. Special thanks to Norm Stenzel. I was fortunate to be the successful bidder on the Quantum Programmer. But unfortunately my Laptop has Win8 (no driver yet for the programmer). I work with D.A.R.E. and we have converted to DCC (Digitrax) and have gotten help from Nate (very much appreciated) and one of our guys may have a PC with a VISTA or Win7 that may become available to us. Bottom Line – thanks again for your support.

Jim B.


Wow, I cannot thank you enough for the reply – I was worried, but do trust your tests and advice. Thank you again for your EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Michael Z.


I received my N Scale Mikado back earlier in the week and I finally got a chance to try it out today. Man this thing is better than I could have imagined. The sound is great, I didn’t think that N could sound so good. I have a second one that I would like to have you convert for me.

Thanks, Bill K.


Just want to thank you for all of your help I received the replacement decoder today. Your customer service is the best ever.

Thank you, Chris M.


Dear sirs, I wanted to let you know that I did receive my recent phone order for one Team Digital blocd8 block detector in good condition. I installed it on my layout yesterday in conjunction with my signal system and it worls great! The Digitrax SDCK wiring plug kit did make it a lot easier to make connections to the 10-pin plug. Thanks for your great service!

Best, David B.


Just received my CN 4-6-4 back that you installed a TSU-1000 in and I must say it is excellent. Runs great and of course sounds great now. Thank you very much for the prompt and professional work.

Pete C., Newfoundland


Just wanted you to know the board arrived on Saturday! Thank you so much for your speedy service, I sincerely appreciate it! Much faster than I expected I will admit, and far better than so many others I’ve dealt with.

Thanks Again, Russell K.


That was to be my next step, I tried it and it works. I appreciate being able to get a quick response from you when there is a question or problem (that’s one of the reasons why I deal with your company for my DDC needs ).

William W.


Thanks for this wisdom. You guys continue to lead the dcc industry whether hands-on help, advice or just good solid direction. I’ll continue to spread a good word for you even before I decide when to approach my financial advisor (happy wife of 45 years) for “next model railroad dcc project.”

Tom T.


Thanks for your great customer service and follow up. It is appreciated!



Thank you for taking the time to offer suggestions on what I need to get started in DCC for my layout. As you could probably tell I am slightly lacking in grasping the whole concept and your patience and willingness to help were great! I look forward to talking to you again and having TTX as my DCC supplier.

Bob G.


Bought PSX-AR Auto Reverser from you and lugged it to New Zealand. Finally, screwed up my courage and installed it. It actually works!! Not sure why I am surprised, but thank you…

David T.


I have just finished installing and running my 5th Titan Magnum sound decoder. I have installed these decoders in a wide variety of Aristocraft and USA Trains diesel engines. Let me say, the G scale sound is amazing! The physical size of G scale allows a much larger speaker and thus a larger soundbox which results in wonderful sound clarity and definition. It is so much more realistic than the smaller scales. The QSI decoder is infinitely configurable with over 20 stored engine sounds and multiple options for horn, bell, startup, generator, turbocharging etc. It has a huge amount of capacity and the cooling fan on the 10 amp decoder allows for pulling heavy trains with multiple electric motors. It also has over 10 function out puts to run accessories like extra ditch lights, strobes, etc. All in all a great product. When can I buy another one?!

Regards, J.L.


I would personally like to thank you for your commitment to ensuring good customer care and relation. . When I encountered the problems and brought it to your attention, you immediately sent me replacements without any problems. For the recent defective LokSound decoder, you immediately contacted Matt Herman which resulted in the replacement process to begin immediately. I wish that the Hobby Shops in South Africa had the same zeal and dedication to customer care and satisfaction that you have always given me. It is not just a case that you have the customers money and do not care. You stand by the product you sell and market. As always, I look forward to dealing with you and your crew makes as this makes purchases over the Net a pleasure and not a nightmare. You and your crew always strive for service excellence.

Cheers, Andre


Many thanks for following up on my DCC issue with the PSX 4. We are away for the holidays so I wont be able to follow up on your suggestions till after Jan 1. I do appreciate your personal attention to my problem. You clearly understand the meaning of customer service.

George V., North Carolina


I called earlier today looking for a decoder that’d fit an Atlas G40-2. When I described my reason for looking, the (wonderful, genius, helpful, and all other good things) gentleman on the other end told me to try F6 twice, and that may reset the decoder in the engine. It works!!!:) Thanks a million times for the help.

– Dave J. in Pennsylvania


Thank you very much for the quick response! I’ll pack it up and send it out within the next day or two. It’s service like this that makes model railroaders the happiest hobbyists on earth, even when things go “poof!”  

Thanks again, Joe


I’ve been in the hobby my entire life and have followed the DCC revolution from afar for a long time. I’m more of a model builder (in HO scale) than an operator due to space constraints but have recently wanted to get more into operation, even on a small scale (no pun intended). So I’ve started in a modest way by modifying some Athearn BB units I’ve had for a long time for DCC to get started. I agonized over the usual Digitrax versus NCE choice for some months and as expected can find any number of supporters of each online. In any event, thanks for your fine personal service and the support your website offers with all the various documents, etc.

– John S. H.


I just wanted to let you know how satisfied I am with these two products I purchased. I had very mixed result with the reversing loop AR units I was using before. Some engines would go through some would hesitate and others would shut down my power supply. Since I installed these tow devices the reversing sections have performed flawlessly. These were recommended by others, I tried them, and they were correct. Thanks for relieving my frustrations. They literally were hooked up and just worked. Very rare in my world.

The product that did not work very well for me was the Digitrax AR-1. I do not want to bad mouth this product or the company. In fact I use many of their decoders etc… I think the fact that I have engines with sound and without sound in consists mixed and separate may have played a part in the problems I was having in setting the adjustment right. But like I said, your products have worked perfectly, and I just wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with the results.

– Jim L.


I would like to express my satisfaction due to a pleasant phone conversation I had concerning an order I had placed, order #xxxxx, 1 Oct. I had forgotten to order some 1.5mm yellow LEDs. I called 2 Oct. and spoke to a very pleasant young lady, I think she said her name was Magen. Please forgive me, as a disabled vet., I sometimes forget names. This lady was very pleasant and informed me it was no trouble to add items. She also took the time to obtain some info. for me regarding resistors for the product. This is a very nice surprise to have some one as pleasing as this lady was, taking the time to ask tech people about my question, plus adding the other LED’s to my order.I firmly believe this young lady is truely an asset to your company and you have gained a dedicated customer for all my electrical needs. I have a ton of items I plan on ordering from you, but being on limited income, I have to spread items out every month. I just want to thank you for the experience and I do wish I were closer to your company as I would bring her lunch!! I have been in pretty much pain for a little while now and hearing such a pleasant response to my questions and this lady making me feel as if I were a high roller type customer made my day!! Thank you again for such a great day!!

– Jim V.


Thanks for the quick reply. The setup you suggested works great! Everything is doing what it is supposed to do. This is my first steam Tsunami so I am very pleased.   – Tom


I wanted to tell you that I think your website is very informative. I have been scheming for over a year now on my layout and am now finally moving forward to get it going. I’ve got the track glued and tested out with the NCE Power Pro Wireless system and the trains run well. Now it’s on to dropping feeders to the rail bus and I’m not sure whether to set up an accessories bus. I’m building my ultimately very large layout chunk by chunk, using a sort of modular concept. I have my first 16″ x 72″ piece well under way and I hope these electronics that I just purchased from you work well with this chunk. I went back and forth whether to try to build all the benchwork at the same time, or go by sections. I decided to go by sections to get something running in a shorter time and then add to it as time and budget permit. I know this is not the regular way I’ve been reading about getting it done, but it seems to work better for my time and space available. Your website gets great reviews all over the web, so keep up the good work and reasonable prices. I’ll be back for more.

Best Regards, Ken


Just made the test [QSI Titan for Large Scale] with 2 speakers (Stereo). It’s just awesome!! Fantastic! I just love it, better than Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony!

Greetings, Rolf W., Switzerland


Hello Tony and his merry gang!  My order arrived today all safe and sound. Expertly packed — like always! Many thanks for the great price! The consequences are noted and rewarding this end!  

Thank You!  Doc C., South Africa


Lew, I received the engine yesterday. Great job, the sound is FANTASTIC in the Athearn Turbine!  Regards, JG


Greetings Erik,

Thank you for your help on the phone today. I want to give a thumbs up to Tony’s Trains. Erik, Lew, and Troy  have helped tremendously with orders, technical support and repair and/or replacement of parts. I like the new Titan G Gage Sound Decoders. The QSI programmer is easy to use and when I had questions, the tech support was available to answer questions. Again thank you Tony’s Trains!

– James C. E.


You guys are great. I sent a  sd 60 sound in for repair and you send me back a locomotive with the turbine sound. This is the kind of service that keeps customers coming back for more.

Thank you, Tim M.


Thanks for your quick response to my enquiry, U.K. retailers should take note how you guys do it! I look roward to their arrival and thank you for the enclosures. Kindest regards, Gerald


Recently you sent me four of the new large scale Titans as warranty replacements for four of the old decoders. This is great customer service, and I’ve been tearing into the new Titans figuring out what they can do. It’s really interesting and a big improvement on the old decoders. But my conscience is uneasy. The new decoder is a lot more capable than the old one. It seems to me this was not a fair deal for TTE, and that I owe you some money for the difference.  – Mike


This is to inform you that my Tsunamis and speakers arrived in perfect order today. I also was able to rescue a faulty ESU decoder thanks to the tips on your website. It’s been a pleasure doing business with you guys!   Regards, and till next time, Ger M.


To all at Tony’s Train Exchange ,I just wanted to shoot you all an email to let all of you know how much I appreciate all of the help, advice, money saving tips, and instructions on constructing the perfect computer controlled N-scale DCC layout. For the past 6 months your people have answered all of my questions and made this transition not only easy, but fun in addition to a great learning experience.

Keep up the great work, Russell


Hello, let me say how much I love your products. I have purchased several of the PSX circuit breakers and auto reversers, and they work great! I also am a big fan of the RRampMeter!    Thanks, Richard


Hello, my order arrived today expertly packed and all in order. Many thanks for your efforts.    Doc C., South Africa


Erik, I was contacted by Matt today – issues ironed out. He walked me through programming procedure & decoder is programming beautifully now. Many thanks for your response to this problem & for putting me in contact with Matt at LoKSound.


Once again, many thanks. You live up to the reputation that we have come to know over all these years. Have a great day.  –Phil


My last order arrived this week. Thank you for the usual superb service to these parts ‘downunder’. –Trevor C., Auckland, New Zealand


I just wish to pass on thanks for the prompt service and great deal on the two NCE systems we ordered. They have arrived safe and sound, as we are attending a large Model Train Show this weekend, there will be nothing done with the systems until next week. Once again, thanks for the service and joviality, the Kangaroos are all hopping happily. Yours in Model Railroading, Ted F.  

Secretary, Darling Downs Model Railway Club Inc.

Toowoomba, QLD, Australia.


Hi Lou, received my SW9 today. Runs and looks great! Once again, you guys are the best. Thanks for all your help and service. — Tom T., NY


Your web site is really helpful–learned a lot from it. So — thanks a lot for all the hard work on that. — Arthur


Ed, thank you for the update on the order. Looking forward to getting the decoders installed. I have to say, over the past 10+ years the service is still superb. — Wilson


Hi Larry, I would like to thank you for all the great DCC Specialties products. I’ve experienced issues with other product manufacturers, but after replacing some DCC components the layout is working great. I’ve started using the PSXAR and love them. The locos and even the sound equipped locos travel through them with absolutely no stalling or hesitations. In the past a few people have had trucks on locos and rolling stock melted due to short circuits, even with another manufacturers circuit breaker installed. Recently we were setting up our N-Trak layout at a show and the power supply got turned on. I wasn’t aware that there was a short in a new module until at least 2 hours later. Thanks to the PSX circuit breakers doing what they are meant to do, 2 Digitrax command stations and power supplies were saved. We fixed the short, turned the system back on and everything worked great. Thanks again for great products and exceptional customer service.

– Byron A., Iowa


Hi Troy, I would like to thank you for your reply. I just got word back from my friend here who has been trying to get the decoder to cooperate… He explained to me that ESU had gotten ahold of him yesterday and the situation was resolved. Thanks again and for all your help!  — William


Hi there, just wanted to thank you for your prompt and professional service. I recently ordered a number of Peco switches and Tortoise – Hare combos. You kept me updated as to when the items would be shipped. The parcel was shipped to Canada last week and arrived today. There is still one switch on back order but I know it will be coming! No doubt I will be ordering the rest of my Tortoise – Hare combos as well as some PSX AR auto reverses in the near future. Great experience and I recommend Tony’s to anyone who is looking for DCC supplies, track, etc.

Regards, Scott M., Brentwood Bay, B.C.


I’ve only ordered from you exclusively. Bought my NCE Power Pro and all my decoders just from you. Thanks for being there, –Peter H., California


Hank, thanks for your help in resolving a decoder issue. My Atlas U33 did have a KRS-SR decoder and was programmed above channel 10. I had attempted to reprogram before but research showed I was not using the correct procedure. All is well. – RG


Just a thanks to Glen and everyone for helping me with a problem installing a nceatls2/4 decoder. Your suggestions worked! My engine runs perfectly. Thank you for all your time and patience. — Tom T.


Eri and company, thank you for the wealth of available DCC information on your website, including the comparison of manufacturers and systems. It helped me decide on a system for my small S gauge layout, which I will order as soon as I find the right locomotive.Thank you for the offer to research available S gauge locomotive. — Jim B.


Hi Ed. Received the item today, thank you, the best service I have had from any model train supplier. Regards, Allen H. MMR New Zealand


Trainspeed4 received, a big thank you for your help and excellent service.  — Ian


Larry, our two PM42 were giving us a lot of false short circuit indications, I think because of the pitting on the relay contacts. It just so happened that the most used districts (mainline tracks) were the top two on each unit so we shifted the top 2 districts to the bottom 2 positions and our mainline problems disappeared. We know that it is only a matter of time before the problem reappears so we decided to go solid state, using the PSXs now because our treasury would allow us to do it. Our layout is basically two independent dogbone loops with the ends being reverse loops. This allowed us to have crossovers on each loop without polarity problems. We won’t be installing your equipment until after the 1st of the yr so you may hear from us again although your documentation looks to be very complete. –Paul


Being new to HO DCC, I appreciate the support, info & products that you provide. As Arnold S says in his movies, “I’ll be back!”  — Roger V.


I have just got into putting DCC in my engines, just put my first QSI board in my newest Gas turbine, it sounds great compared to the Digitrax chip I put in a few weeks ago. – James W.


Hank,  Locomotives got here just fine. Wow – impressive installation. Love the UP Turbine. The Mikes are perfect. You did a beautiful job. Thanks for your help. There will be more on the way once I figure out what I am doing!  — Tom


Thanks for your prompt response, Tony. I can see why most of the guys in our Magic Valley Model Railroaders club use you as their preferred DCC supplier! I will place my order this evening.  — Gene C. 


Hi Lew,  Many thanks for making good on my sound installation and two follow-up repairs … tell Tony and your associates I appreciate your high standards for a guy like me who relies on your high standards. — Bill S.


Troy,  Your response to my e-mail solved my problem – you guys are just great – again, my sincere thanks. — Gary R., Canada


Erik & Troy,  I really must thank you for recommending the PSX-AR reversing module to me. Along with your installation instructions it solved all my problems. I had tried for months to get MRC AD520 modules and Digitrax AR-1 modules to work on my layout, but without success, even after numerous email and phone contacts with the manufacturers’ tech services. The PSX-AR did the trick. My narrow gauge steam locos, powered by my Digitrax Zephyr unit, now sail smoothly through my reversing sections. My hat’s off to you and the PSX-AR!!

Thanks again, – Lloyd S., Phoenix, AZ


I saw your ad in the November Model Railroader for free shipping on October 15. Thank You and Congratulations on over 20 years!  — Shawn K.


Hi Ed,  Just to let you Know that I have just received the Tsunami Decoder to-day. Be rest assured that it is always a pleasure to deal with your hobby shop. Please pass this on to the rest of your team. 

With Many Thanks,   — Andre


Ed & Erik,  Can I just say it’s been great and easy to do business with you, I read about you in June Model Railroader magazine. Without you my little diesels would not have sound. Very Happy.

Regards, — Leo


Thank you for prompt attention to my query re Power-Pax. Replacement received and working perfectly.  — Regards Jim


Hi Ed, Gareth brought the ZephyrX last week and is now “commissioned”. Kids find it a lot easier to use than the DT100! The other feature that is good for child owners is the big red “stop everything” button. Thanks again to yourself & the other staff who’ve helped me along the tortuous journey this order has taken!

– Mark


Hi Troy,  Just like to inform you that I received the NCE powercab and MRC 1957 decoder yesterday. This is my first dip into DCC and I am pleased with the powercab’s ease of use. The MRC sound decoder install was a breeze and it worked without any problem. Thanks for the fast shipping. —RD


Thanks! You’re fantastic. Really appreciate the help. — Dick


Hi Frank, I wanted to let you know, I am up and running with my li-usb & Jmri… It was a driver issue…Thanks for all of you help with this problem. When I am in the area of Tonys Train EXchange I will stop by and say hello, maybe I will see you at Tonys booth at the Big-e in Springfield… — Gary M.


Firstly, many thanks for service relating to recent delivery of tortoises. Exactly 14 days door-to-door, eight days of which were with British Customs!!  — Steve


Hello. I want to thank you for your very informative comments in the off the cuff section of the product review area. I found the DCC system comparison section very helpful. As a kid I had a train set that I loved spending time with. Now, as a grandfather with a 7 year old grandson I have the reason I have been waiting for. (I’m too old to need an excuse!). DCC seems the only way to go and your comments sure cleared the water. I plan on a walk in HO system that will, the good lord willing, be a work in progress for years to come. I will be ordering, from you of course, in the next couple of days, a digitrax zepher system.I would like power for three or four loco’s, and wireless cab. The system will most likely be a early 19 century logging setup with passenger train also involved. Possibly northwestern logging and great northern passenger. Any suggestions you may have as to track code, locos, etc. would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for your time, and especially for your great web site.

– Mike


Parcel arrived safe and sound today. You provide me with better service than I receive from my local shops 50 miles away. I shall be dealing with you again and recommending you to my colleagues.  Many thanks,  — John W. in UK


Hi Tony, really? You’re not kidding? Thank you so much! That is MUCH more customer service than I ever hoped for! I will make sure this tune goes out to a lot of people.

Thanks again, and best regards from beautiful Bavaria. – Jurgen


Hi Guys, I LOVE your TCS WOW decoders. The throttle control works awesome and I love the fact that I can MU locomotives together with BEMF turned on without the locomotives fighting each other if they aren’t perfectly speed matched.  –– Mark


Hi Erik, Just a quick note,to let you know that i received both locos yesterday in perfect condition. They are awesome … It was really worth the wait 😉 Thanks for the great service over the last few years.  — Diego M.


Hank, I programmed the loco last night using the CVs you provided and it worked great!!!! It also helped me to better understand the ESu system, which is awesome by the way. Thanks again for your time and help. Your customer service has been above and beyond.

Many Thanks. – Brian S.


See, it pays to buy from you. Your reputation is excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for your help. The new control arrived shortly afterwards as well. Thank you TONY’S TRAIN EXCHANGE!

– Ray C.


Hi Ed, all received today as requested. 100% professional pack = 0% damage. Please accept my thanks with this order and also to Erik’s consideration with firming the pricing. I look forward placing further requests with Tony’s in the future. Sincerely,  — Damian


Thanks for a great website. I have some Digitrax components, but haven’t put them together yet – the track around the living room floor is still DC. Either way, a clean track will be better than a dirty one. Time for me to go read through your tips.  –Jim


Thank you for the online guidance in decoder selection! You all provide an invaluable service, and I and the folks on Kalmbach’s TRAIN site appreciate it immensely!  — Bill A.


Erik, I appreciate you calling me back the other night and try to explain the items I ordered from TTE. In today’s world it’s sometimes hard to find that someone would go out of their way to call back and explain things, making for great customer service. Thank you. I got the PSX3 today in the mail and am reading all about it before I install it on my layout.  –David W.


Hi Kris,  Just letting you know the parcel arrived on Friday 18th. Thanks for the shopping experience! The professionalism shown by your correspondence and care with packing does not go un-noticed. Also very happy with how quickly it got here! Everything works fine including the USB interface to JMRI software. I think I surprised myself there! I am very happy with my purchase after having done lots of research. I will certainly be back to your shop when I am ready to upgrade the system, (waiting for NCE to release the new products, eg CS03).

Thanks once again,  — Michael H.


I would also like to acknowledge the outstanding support and information I received from Larry maier when he returned my call for assistance on the equipment I am purchasing. With service like that why go anywhere else.  — John RC


I have been using you guys for about 1 year. Great products, great prices, but best of all … a pleasure to deal with and very helpful. The Hare is incredible. Thanks. — Jim P.


I’ve had the CMX track cleaner for over a year now, and there’s no comparison to any other cleaner.  — Scott R., Pennsylvania


I just received my HO scale CMX track cleaner and was very surprised to find a $15.00 discount because you’re putting them on sale next week. I just had to send you an email to thank you for being a great supplier in a world where everything seems to be going down hill.  Thanks again. –Bruce G.


Hi to all at Tony’s. Just a quick note to let you know that my recent order has arrived safely here in Australia.Thank you, as always, for your excellent service. Best wishes to you all for a prosperous New Year.  With kindest regards from “Down Under”,  Chris.


Sorry my bad English. I would like to thank for their help. All questions were quickly answered and unbureaucratic help with problems. Have a service, because it is rare in Germany. Again thank you for everything and everything good for the new year.  — Steffen S.


I just wanted to drop a line and say thank you for all the help you and your team provided filling my order. I fear that I didn’t have enough time to mount and configure all 60+ switches in the two weeks that I was at my fathers, but the ones that I did mount, worked perfectly, and all the electronics works as planned. I want to also thank you for throwing in all those connectors. It made wiring them a lot easier (I ended up doing something special with the wiring, and I needed those connectors to pull it off).  –– Joe T.


Tony: my CMX HO cleaning car w/ Filling Syringe and extra pads arrived safely. Thank you for your prompt filling of my order. I love it! I have lots of tunnels on my HO railroad and this item is perfect! I am telling my other club railroaders to BUY ONE! There are no difficult instructions to follow, and Charlie M’s review is very informative.  — Don T.


Hello Matt, I was just at the mailbox and got the package I am sorry for the crossed wires… Thank you very much for the great service and I know I will be using Tony’s Train in the future. Happy Holidays to all at Tony’s. — Warren


Thank you for all of your great products and particularly you and your really great staff. Your help whenever I need it is truly appreciated. I want to wish you and all of your staff a Merry Christmas and a Happy, healthy New Year.  Thank you, — Stewart F.


“Thanks Ed……can’t beat this service!!!!!! :>) And I have dealt with some pretty darn good dealers!!!”  — Phil E.


Thank you for your help and assistance in solving a matter that we here at the CNYLSRS … Central New York Large Scale Rail Society have encountered. I enjoy doing business with TTE.  — Jim E.


Appreciate what you do! Kudos to your installer he was very helpful today helping me determine my decoder needs.  — Bob M.


By the way the HARE is a great product. Programming these with an MRC Prodigy Advanced was a snap. Smart routes are so easy just enter the route number, the switch(s) address and whether it is clear or thrown. That is it. No individual CV’s to enter. Operating with these has really been enjoyable.  — Ray C.


Thanks for the information and the very kind offer on the free shipping! I’m glad the PSXs are coming, and I am about to place an online order with you for a Micro Tsunami and I also will be ordering an Ulrich DCC tester. Your web site is very good, and you have always been a pleasure to do business with! I really appreciate the fast shipping and great technical advice I gave received from you and your staff. Best Regards,  — Roberto L., San Francisco, CA


Lou, I just wanted to thank you for the great job you did with the DCC installation on my Spectrum Dooddlebug. I’m pleased as always with your work. Congrats to everyone there. I appreciate the great customer service when I call.  — Ed W. N.J.


Troy, Thanks for the fast turnaround on my order. I elected to place my order with you (versus the many other reseller’s web sites) because of the technical information, as well as the detailed product reviews, that is available at your very informative web site. Thanks! – Tom P.


Yup! We’re okay with that – we have a Digitrax DCS50 Zephyr unit here (that we’ve outgrown with our modules), so we can use that for programming/CV readback. Thanks for your concern – it’s awesome to see the clear customer focus. 🙂   – Lawrence


I received the Loksound 72437 today. Thanks to Lou & Hank and everyone else at TTE for all the help. I will install it tomorrow. I received the installation instructions from Athearn. Was a little confused about the 8 pin and the 9 pin connections, but they gave a good explanation. Thanks again,  — Jerry


Lou, The Shark nose diesels turned out great; the sound is fantastic, as all of the revolution decoders I’ve installed have been. I put the full round speaker enclosure, all three parts, in the rear of the Bachmann unit. The unit still was very jerky after the decoder installation, so I followed your instructions in your manual to tune it. I’ve programmed speed tables and other simple changes to decoders, but this was the first time I truly tuned an engine. Your instructions were very clear and easy to follow; I changed CV2 and still had a problem, but increasing CV 56.5 to 25 corrected the problem and the engines run very smoothly now. The Sharks look and sound so neat, that I’ll probably add details to it to really finish it off. So far, I’ve just added train phone antennas to my Pennsy diesels, but I also added the front, right side ladder to the A Sharks. I’ll add number decals to them and then search out more items.

I’m impressed with everything about Tony’s Train Exchange; the knowledge of you folks, the service you provide, and of course, the prices.  Thanks for your help,  — Steve


I got your quote and I can’t thank you enough. I will make sure to try to include you in any decisions we make as you were kind enough to visit with me. Thanks Again.  — Dick D.


I’m really impressed with your track cleaning car. I filled it with ACT-6006 track cleaner it is the very best track cleaner that I have ever used in my 50 years as a model railroader. That combination is the greatest track cleaner ever. So I did a post on my blog to brad it up. Thanks for the great product. – Mel P.


Thank you. … You forgot to mention that not only do you Support and Sell more DCC Product than Anyone, you do it ALL at a Better Price!  — Jerry


Thanks for having such a great store. I don’t even know why I bother with EBay anymore 🙂 I’ve been watching these 2 items on ebay for a month and the best price is no better then what you charge so why not buy from you direct !!! ( well in reality sometimes I find good deals on used stuff, still waiting for < $10 tortoises in bulk )  Have a good day ! – David L.


Ed – Just a quick note to let you know my latest shipment arrived here safely today. Let your staff know that I appreciate their great service. This was a small purchase but the service was every bit as good as some of the larger purchases I have made in the past. Thanks for being there for all of us. — Bruce M. Carpinteria, CA


I have just returned to the UK. Thank you for the delivery to Alldrive Canada for the ordered NCE controller. It was there when we arrived in Calgary as promised by you. Thank you once again for a prompt and reliable service.  — Robert A.