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Crazy! WOW101 Steam Sound From TCS: October 18, 2013

Crazy! WOW101 Steam Sound From TCS: October 18, 2013

Posted by on Jan 29, 2014 in Tips DCC Sound, Tony's Tips | 1 comment

CS – Train Control Systems – just announced the production of their WOW101 (SKU 1516) smaller sound decoder. Release is expected next week and we are taking orders now. The new product info appears below:

Important note: The prior, newly released WOW Sound Decoders, 1511-1515, are being discontinued and all will be replaced by the WOW 101. The 101 does not include the “Keep Alive” features but it is much thinner than the 1511-1515 units. We have a limited qty of the 1511-1515 in stock and suggest you take the opportunity purchase at the bargain prices before we have none.


We’ve streamlined the WOWSound decoder and are proud to introduce the new WOW101 (SKU 1516) decoder. This decoder is less than half as thick as the first version of the WOW decoder and includes all of the same sound functionality. With a 9-Pin JST on the front of the WOW101 it is compatible with any T-Series harness and also includes an auxiliary harness for attaching your speaker, cam, Keep-Alive™, and for the additional lighting functions (F3 and F4).

  • Name: WOW101-Steam
  • SKU: 1516
  • MSRP: $124.95
  • Dimensions: 1.35″ x .66″ x 0.22″ or 34.29mm x 16.72mm x 5.59mm

    1 Comment

  1. hi, looking for steam wow sound decoder, complete with speaker, and stay alive. Best price please, posted to france. thanks

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