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Tony’s Trains Video Review Intermountain HO Scale GE ET44AC Tier 4 GEVO

Posted by on Sep 27, 2017 in Tony's TV |

This latest release from Intermountain of the HO scale GE ET44AC Tier 4 GEVO checks all the boxes: Superb sound from ESU Loksound Road name and number specific Ultra detail Super heavy at over 1.6 pounds Silky smooth movement Ultra bright LEDs Very limited first run Tier 4 GEVOS instock. Intermountain has announced 2nd run due early 2018. Pre-order now before they are gone! ...

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Video Review of HO Scale Athearn Genesis EMD SD70M with SoundTraxx Tsunami2

Posted by on Apr 22, 2017 in News, Tony's TV |

The most recent version of the Genesis EMD SD70M has just arrived. Featuring flawless paint, super high detail and the newest SoundTraxx Tsunami2 DCC sound decoder to match a fantastic model, the evolution of scale modeling continues to reach new levels. Check out our review to get a glimpse of these big, heavy duty locomotives go through their paces....

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Cross Hare Released and Now Available

Posted by on Mar 25, 2017 in News, Tony's TV |

The Cross Hare is designed to provide all of the functions you need to control a one or two track grade crossing in a prototypical manner. The Cross Hare uses up to 8 optical sensors for train detection and to control the sequencing of the crossing. While the Cross Hare is designed to work with a dual track crossing, you can also use it with a single track crossing by only using 4 of the sensors. The Cross Hare will automatically detect whether it needs to watch one or two...

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Video Review: Athearn Genesis SD40M-2 with ESU LokSound

Posted by on May 4, 2016 in Tony's TV |

Athearn continues to produce high quality models and the SD40M-2 is an outstanding example of a fairly popular rebuild. Units of these locomotives still run the rails today. In fact, in our own backyard here in northern Vermont, the New England Central has at least two of these units that go by us daily across the Winooski River bridge just south of Essex Junction. The ESU Loksound decoders are coupled with two SuperSonic Mini speakers providing superb sound quality and...

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