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Video Review: Athearn Genesis SD40M-2 with ESU LokSound

Posted by on May 4, 2016 in Tony's TV |

Athearn continues to produce high quality models and the SD40M-2 is an outstanding example of a fairly popular rebuild. Units of these locomotives still run the rails today. In fact, in our own backyard here in northern Vermont, the New England Central has at least two of these units that go by us daily across the Winooski River bridge just south of Essex Junction. The ESU Loksound couple with two SuperSonic Mini speakers provide superb sound quality and outstanding...

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Video Review: Bachmann HO Two Truck Climax

Posted by on Mar 21, 2016 in Tony's TV |

Bachmann recently released their newest HO scale geared logging locomotive and it’s a beauty. The two truck Climax comes from the factory ready to run on DCC with a speaker already installed. You’ll need to plug the sound module onto the circuit board located in the bunker. This is accomplished by removing the bunker load [fastened by magnets] and simply mating the sound module to the circuit baord. It’s the simplest install of DCC sound in a locomotive...

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Video of Bachmann S4 with ESU lokSound & TCS 1622 Motherboard with KeepAlive

Posted by on Mar 7, 2016 in Tony's TV |

The last several years, Bachmann has producing some of the best value models available. We like many of the most releases not only for their quality, but also because they have a relatively large space under the shell. This little ALCo S4 features the latest 21 pin LokSound Select DCC decoder, two TDS Mini SuperSonic speakers and a TCS 1622 Motherboard with KeepAlive. Way to go...

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Video of NCE Power Cab & NCE USB, ESU Programmer with PSX Circuit Breaker for Bench Programming

Posted by on Mar 6, 2016 in Tony's TV |

In this video installment we take a look at setting up one of our programming stations. We do a lot of sound decoder installations, many featuring QSI Titan and ESU LokSound decoders which require a dedicated programmer for loading sound files. The PC tablet in this video runs ESU, QSI and JMRI’s Decoder Pro software for programming LokSound, QSI, TCS WOW, & SoundTraxx sound decoders. We use JMRI to program Loksound, TCS WOW and SoundTraxx cv’s and...

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