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Installing SoundTraxx Decoders in HO Scale Bowser SD40-2

Posted by on Apr 7, 2017 in Locomotives, Tony's Tips |

Bowser Manufacturing has released another production run of their GMD (General Motors Diesel – the Canadian division of EMD) SD40-2 locomotives in HO scale. These uniquely Canadian models will be offered in road names including: CP, CN, BC RAIL, Ontario Rail, HLCX, St. L.&H and QNS&L. The Tsunami2 and Econami 21PNEM series of Digital Sound Decoders fit right into these models making the installation process easier than ever. Combine these SoundTraxx decoders with a...

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How To Add Current Keeper to Soundtraxx Tsunami Decoders

Posted by on Apr 5, 2017 in Tony's Tips |

Instructions and schematics for various SoundTraxx Tsunami DCC Decoders 1. Using wire cutters, remove the factory-installed capacitor from the Tsunami TSU-1000 Digital Sound Decoder by clipping the red and black wires, leaving about 3” of the black capacitor wire still attached to the decoder. The red capacitor wire may be removed and discarded. 2. Prepare the CurrentKeeper for installation: Using wire cutters, trim the blue and black wires to about 3”. 3. Strip and tin the...

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How To Wire A DCC Railroad Diamond Crossing

Posted by on Apr 4, 2017 in Tony's Tips |

Using a PSX-AR,  you can change the polarity of the diamond’s frogs automatically and have circuit breaker protection. This particular schematic is based upon one we built using a Fast Tracks jig. By the way, we love using Fast Tracks products on our own layouts. If you want to practice a bit of meditation and feel a sense of accomplishment, purchase one of their...

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ESU ECoS Command Station Review

Posted by on Apr 1, 2017 in News, Tips DCC Systems, Tony's Tips |

by Don Fiehman Buy Here You may not be familiar with ESU or their new ECoS digital command station. ESU is the German company that makes LokSound decoders. ESU has a new model railroad control system called ECoS 50210. The ECoS system not only operates DCC decoders, but also Märklin®, Motorola®, and Selectrix® decoders. This system can be operated as a two-station standalone system or become the central part of a much larger system with the extensive assortment of input and...

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Disabling DCC Specialties Hares & Wabbits with Push Button Lockout

Posted by on Mar 14, 2017 in Tony's Tips |

On a couple of our club modules we have elaborate control panels and use DCC Specialties Hare accessory decoders with push buttons used to manually select turnout routes (red/black buttons). Unwary fingers are a problem at some shows, resulting in derails, electrical shorts, and even a melted truck or two. Could a master SPST push-button be put in the black ground wire and all the Wabbit’s run through it? And would it be OK if that one push button went to a single...

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Wiring PSX-AR Circuit Breaker Auto Reverser For Reverse Loop Crossover

Posted by on Mar 8, 2017 in Tips DCC Components, Tony's Tips |

We receive a lot of questions about PSX circuit breakers and PSX-AR circuit breaker auto reversers. The following diagram shows an oval loop with a reverse crossover. Important Rules of Thumb for Reverse Sections The reverse section located between gaps 2 & 3 must be longer than your longest train. Each PSX and PSX-AR board must take power directly from the DCC booster. Note: each PSX on the DCC Power J1 input terminal allows you to daisy chain to the next PSX Make sure...

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