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Blackstone Models Update

Posted by on Aug 23, 2016 in News |

We have been getting many calls on the progress and delivery dates for the K-36and K-28  projects.  First, these are still active projects and are still in the development stages. Blackstone is actively working on what we hope are final changes and ‘tweaks’ before tooling can begin.     The ProTraxx turnouts are under development as well, with the track geometry drawn, but the throw mechanism yet to be completed.  All resources have been assigned to the finalizing...

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SoundTraxx Tsunami2 TSU-2200 and TSU-PNP

Posted by on Jun 21, 2016 in News |

SoundTraxx has just announced two new decoders to the Tsunami2 line. These two new decoder formats are scheduled to be shipping in early July.   The TSU-2200 is a 2-Amp, 6-Function Universal Style sound decoder measuring 35 x 18 x 6mm (same footprint as the ECO-200).  This decoder is equipped with a 2-pin connector for the Current Keeper (P.N. 810140) and the standard 9-pin flat JST connector for use with our 9-pin to NMRA 8-pin adapter harness (P.N. 810135) or many of the...

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ESU Lok Programmer Summer Sale!

Posted by on Jun 11, 2016 in News |

Tony’s is selling the ESU LokProgrammer for $129.95 ALL SUMMER! For just over the price of one decoder you can join the exclusive ESU club of programming new sounds and updating your decoders with ease with FREE ESU sound files! Stop buying new decoders every time a new feature is announced. “Buy it once update it for life!”...

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SoundTraxx Econami Features

Posted by on May 24, 2016 in News, Tech Specs |

Since the release of Econami, we still get folks who do not realize that the Econami is a full featured sound decoder.  To help dispel these myths, we have compiled a short list of FAQs:  Is Econami the same sound decoder found in many entry-level products such as the Bachmann Sound Value or Walthers Mainline?  No. The Econami decoder is a full featured sound decoder offering many of the sound effects that you have come to expect from SoundTraxx, but at an affordable...

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Tsunami2 by SoundTraxx Available Summer 2016!

Posted by on May 19, 2016 in News |

SoundTraxx has announced the Tsunami2, a new line of Digital Sound Decoders that combines the best in digital sound with trailblazing and innovate operating features. Tsunami2 emphasizes FUN with more sounds, more features, and more ways to run your trains like a real engineer. Expansive memory means that each decoder is packed with multiple prototypes and accompanying sound effects. No computer dongles or downloading is required – sounds are changed instantly by way of...

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