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Broadway E7 Preview: August 13, 2003

Posted by on Jan 9, 2014 in Locomotives, Tony's Tips | 0 comments

We just received a pre-production E7AB Set from Broadway. The loco is again characteristic of the fine detail, smooth running and impressive pulling power exhibited by its predecessors — the GG-1, 4-6-4 and 2-6-6-4.

The onboard QSI sound system is not shy and will probably wake up your neighbors. Many different sounds are heard in addition to the horn, bell and prime mover. The prime mover sound response is well balanced thru the speed range.

Both the A and B units ran in nearly ideal synchronization thru the entire 128ss range and started a creep at speed step one.

The A-B coupler Kadee compatible arrangement allowed for relatively close coupling of the AB MU with slight compression of the diaphrams.

All driver wheels are nickel-silver which is a needed improvement over the alloys used in prior Broadway releases.

This is another hit for BLI! Dressed and undressed pics are shown below. Production units are expected in mid October.




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