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Exciting News From Broadway Limited Imports: New Paragon3 Sound & New Products!

Posted by on Apr 29, 2015 in Locomotives, Miscellaneous, News |

Broadway Limited is in the process of shipping their 2015 catalogs to dealers now, and inside it is some very exciting news to share with you!



First, there is the news of the all-new Paragon3 Sound & DCC operating system in HO locomotives!

BLI’s Paragon3 Sound decoders feature the following:

  • 2 selectable bells
  • 3 playable whistles with variable endings
  • 1 long, non-looped whistle
  • 1 alternate whistle for locomotives with a second horn
  • Quill whistle when using a Digitrax DT400 or NCE Pro Cab throttle
  • 4 times expanded Autopilot storage
  • Expanded start-up and shut-down sequences
  • 64MB or 128MB Sound Memory (specific details coming shortly)
  • Smoke Temperature safety cutoff sensor
  • 2 watt audio output
  • 90 db signal to noise ratio
  • 16 bit audio resolution
  • 24 sounds with separate volume control
  • Unmatched frequency response as low as 20 Hz when paired with new Rolling Thunder™ subwoofer kit
  • 8 simultaneously playable audio channels
  • Functional dynamic brake with grid blower sounds
  • Improved motor control in DC & DCC
  • Motor short circuit protection
  • Outputs for headlights, MARS lights, automatic cab lights, rear lights, marker lights, ditch lights, firebox light, running board lights, number board lights and a few spares.(specific details coming shortly)
  • Works with NMRA standard DCC controllers
  • Automatic dual mode: works with DC power packs and DCC

Models equipped with the new Paragon3 Sound are expected to start rolling off the assembly line by early summer.

Second comes some exciting new HO scale locomotives!

  • New release of die cast metal 2-8-0 locomotives in new road names!
  • All-new die cast metal  Milwaukee Road Class S-3 4-8-4 Northern in several road numbers, including #261!
  • New run of die cast metal Norfolk & Western Y6b locomotives!
  • All-new die cast metal New York Central Streamlined Commodore Vanderbilt 4-6-4 Hudson!
  • All-new die cast metal Union Pacific Big Boy in several road numbers, including #4014 currently being restored by UP in Cheyenne to operate in it’s steam excursion program.
  • New release of EMD SD40-2 locomotives in new paint schemes and in both low and high nose versions
  • New release of EMD SD45 locomotives with all new tooling.
  • New run of EMD SD7 and SD9s
  • New release of smoke unit equipped ES44AC locomotives in the Norfolk Southern Heritage paint schemes.
  • Several new brass-hybrid locomotives, including Great Northern S2 4-8-4, the PRR S2 Turbine 6-8-6, the the Texas & Pacific 2-10-4.

And finally, the all-new HO scale P70 Heavyweight Pennsylvania Railroad passenger cars.

Check back soon for updates and look for the new product listings on our website for these exciting new locomotives as their pre-order dates gets announced by Broadway Limited!