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Auto Reversers For NCE PowerCab: May 19, 2011

Posted by on Jan 27, 2014 in Tips DCC Components, Tony's Tips | 0 comments

There has been chatter on the Internet that there is no DCC auto reverser that would work with the popular NCE PowerCab. This is absolutely not true.

The DCC Specialties PSX-AR DCC Auto Reverser Breaker has been fully compatible with the NCE PowerCab since its introduction. In fact the sophisticated PSX-AR design incorporates patented software to function with all other low power DCC systems like the Digitrax Zephyr, and the MRC Prodigy Expressto name a few more.

Furthermore the PSX-AR has an integrated DCC circuit breaker to protect against short circuits, over voltage, and also a direct drive for Tortoise Switch Machines and others to automate your reverse loop too. No other product can match the PSX-AR’s performance for any scale.

US Patent 7,810,435.

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