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Aristocraft “G” Retro-Fit Sound Decoders from QSI Solutions: May 11, 2007

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QSI Solutions announced that an easy to install simple plug-in decoder for Aristocraft G scale locos, Q-2ACT, will be released in July of 2007. The decoder will support DC, DCC and DCC GWire™.

Estimated MSRP: non-GWire™ $149.95, with GWire™ $249.95. Tony’s.



The Aristocraft G scale decoder marks the first entry of the popular OEM QSI DCC/DC sound decoders into the aftermarket by QSI Solutions. Many more aftermarket sound decoders will be coming soon for other manufacturers like Atlas “O” scale, Lionel, MTH and USA Trains. These new releases, dubbed the Q2 format by QSI, represent the next generation in locomotive sound decdoders and boast many special features.


This Quantum product is designed to plug into the Aristocraft mother- board common on most of their G’Gauge locomotives. Installation in diesels only takes about ten-minutes; a Quantum 2-ACT is the easiest way to convert an Aristocraft locomotive to full sound and speed control.

  • Dual Mode Decoder: Quantum 2-ACT is a dual decoder for operation under DC and DCC track power. Operation toggles automatically to DCC if DCC signals are detected.
  • Advanced Analog™: All of the sound features available in DCC are available using the Quantum Engineer add-on controller to you DC power pack (see notes).
  • GWire™ Operation*: Quantum 2-ACT includes an additional plug for GWire operation under track or battery power.
  • Motor Control: RTC (Regulated Throttle Control) is included for supreme low speed performance, smooth acceleration and braking, and power sharing between locomotives in consists.
  • Directional Lighting: Forward (dimmable) headlight and reverse light operations are automatically enabled when Quantum 2-ACT is plugged in the Aristocraft motherboard.
  • Downloadable Sounds: All Quantum 2 products can be upgraded with new sounds and software from the QSI Solutions website using the Quantum Programming™ product. This keeps your sound system current with new features, improvements and sounds.
  • Simple Installation: Quantum 2-ACT installation is straightforward and does not require any soldering or difficult wiring. Aristocraft often pre-installs an 8-ohm speaker in many of their locomotives, which plugs directly into the Quantum circuit board.




Physical Size 1.27” X 2.2” X 1”
Operating Track Voltage Range 4.5 v < VTrack < 35 v
Maximum Peak Voltage 35 Volts
Steady State Current 2.7+ Amps
Motor Stall Current (3 sec) 3+ Amps
Speaker Load 8 ohm
Audio Power Output 5 watts
Maximum Operating Temperature 100 °C
Forward and Reverse light drivers 500 mA


  • An alternate design of the Quantum 2-ACT that includes additional lighting options. Besides the default operation of Headlight and Reverse Lights, a separate plug is available for 10 additional lamp drivers including 5 settable voltage outputs using software controlled PWM and five binary toggled (on/off) drivers. The total of all drivers must not exceed 500 mA. This allows configurable and variable intensity operation of dimmable Headlight and Reverse lights, Overhead Blinking lights, Mars Lights, Ditch Lights, and on/off operation of other lights such as Marker Lights, Cab Lights, Number Board Lights, Step Lights, Truck Lights, and Engine Room Lights.
  • GWire™ requires special connector cable to on-board receiver.
  • The only major feature not available under Advanced Analog control is independent operation of different locomotives at different speeds on the same powered track section at the same time. This feature is exclusive to Command Control.

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