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Adding Power For NCE Cab Buss

Posted by on Jun 26, 2015 in Tony's Tips |

Based on our testing, Tony’s recommends keeping your cab bus at a minimum 10 volts to ensure reliable operation of your NCE DCC cab network.

  • Cab power supplies should be place about every 40 feet of cable. This may vary depending upon how many throttle cabs are in use.
  • Closer if several cabs may be used within that distance or farther apart if few cabs are used.
  • A power source between 10-16 Volts DC is recommended. See Tony’s NCE XFR power supply for the cab bus.
  • Voltages below 10V may cause problems as additional cabs are plugged into the cab bus.
  • Absolute minimum cab DC voltage, measured between front panel connector pins 2 & 5, is 7.5 volts.
  • Each ProCab draws 125 mA (0.125A) with the display backlight on.
  • Each intermediate cab draws 40mA (0.04A)
  • Radio base station RB02 draws 60mA (0.06A).
  • Repeater RPT1 draws 35mA (.035A). The command station CS02 can supply only 0.5A of cab bus power.
  • Overloading the command station cab power output can cause the DCC system to crash or become unstable.
  • Overloading the cab power output of the command station will not cause permanent damage.
  • Plan cab bus power supply needs and locations accordingly.

Courtesy of  Rex Beistle NMRA Rocky Mountain Region & the NCE-DCC Group