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NCE Power Cab with Radio Upgrade Path

Posted by on Feb 18, 2016 in Tips DCC Systems, Tony's Tips |


If I read the Operations Manual correctly, I need to have the Power Cab plugged into the system for the Cab06 to work. 
Or will it work when I send the Power Cab into NCE for upgrade to radio? Thank—-Bill C.

Hi Bill, the Cab06 will function with either the Power Cab or the SB5. If the SB5 is not providing DCC power [booster and command station], then you need the Power Cab providing DCC power for the Cab06 to function.

If the SB5 is providing DCC power, then the Power Cab reverts automatically to being just a Pro Cab throttle. Remember, the Power Cab [+/-1.5amps] is a low power booster/command station version of the SB5 [5 amps].

When you send the Power Cab to NCE for Radio upgrade, you will need the SB5 [and the RB02] for the Cab06 to function and for the Power Cab to operate as a radio Pro Cab throttle upon its return. 

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