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Jack Wabbit Powers LEDs

Posted by on Aug 12, 2015 in Tips Decoders and Installations, Tony's Tips |

Jack Wabbit Info

Hi guys, I have several questions about the Jack Wabbit Quad turnout decoder:

  1. I initially plan some DC operation on my N-gauge setup. Will the Wabbit’s onboard LED outputs function when the unit is powered by DC as well as DCC?
  2. Also, I have already hardwired many LED signals on (under) my new layout—– Beautiful, but tiny things.  Would it be possible to have the LEDs switched by the Wabbit unit’s J5 outputs but have the LEDs retain their existing power circuity and power supply? In other words, can I ignore the Wabbit’s J8 LED power supply pads and use the circuit switching capacity of the J5 terminal?
  3. Another Wabbit Question. I’m using Atlas snap turnouts. Does the Wabbit’s dispatcher mode allow ‘non-momentary’ toggle switches on a manual control panel? The old Arnold Rapido snap switches automatically broke the circuit after engaging and allowed the use of such toggle switches—very clever!   Who knows— things are so sophisticated these days—thought that capacity might exist within the Jack Wabbit.   Thank you——Richard Lewis

The high voltage Jack Wabbit will not work on DC. You must use the low voltage Jack Wabbit which will work on DC, but only via the manual inputs on J2. You also must have the DC + connected to J1-1 (can’t reverse it). The network feedback outputs will work with DC. And yes, you can use your existing supply instead of J8 as long as the voltage is less than 20 volts. The common of your external supply will need to connect to the common of the J5 outputs.

You can leave the manual switch on (i.e. non-momentary) but this will enable the Dispatch Mode. In Dispatch Mode, it will disable auto throw and DCC control. However, you can change CV settings to allow both of these functions to work in Dispatch Mode and hence use your toggle switches. The JW itself will limit the length of the control pulse, so the circuit break function is not needed.


Jack Wabbit LV [Low Voltage] Snap with Digitrax interface shown