DCC Auto Reversers

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by Bob D. in Florida, June 2002 Bob compares Digitrax PM4-2, Lenz LK100, MRC AD520 and Tony’s PSRev (replaced since by PSX-AR by DCC Specialties). TONY’S TRAIN EXCHANGE PSReverser (replaced by DCC Specialties PSX-AR) There are two distinctly different module types offered by Tony’s. One is an autoreverser with built-in circuit breaker, called the PSReverse, and the other is a circuit breaker only, called the PowerShield. These modules provide totally...

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Wireless Model Railroad Control With an iPhone – iPod Touch

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Mike Greenwood introduces this new emerging DCC technology. Eventually, this emerging technology may be more cost effective than purchasing wireless components from the DCC manufacturers! Are you looking for wireless control options for your DCC equipped model railroad? Why not consider using an iPhone or iPod Touch to control your railroad. Enter the iPhone! When Apple revolutionized the cell phone market with their smartphone, I don’t think they had any idea just how...

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Using Low Voltage Lamps with DCC Decoders

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by Don Fiehmann • Download in PDF format (55 kB) • see also Installing LEDs with DCC Decoders Thanks to Don Fiehman for drafting these handy tips for using LEDs and Low Voltage Lamps with DCC. This series of tech notes is designed to help modelers with DCC decoder installation. Much of the information comes from questions asked by modelers and tips we have found. This note covers using 12 to 16 Volt lamps and the 1.5 Volt lamps with DCC decoders. Low Voltage Lamps Lamps...

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CMX-O Clean Machine

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Several years ago, as a result of numerous petitions from fellow model railroaders, I analyzed, experimented and developed the “Clean Machine” track cleaning system. BUY CMX CLEAN MACHINE HERE! CMX-O – The Best Rail Cleaning System for ‘O’ Scale When used as directed CMX-O will clean your track better than any other method available or your money back. THE CMX CHALLENGE Clean your track by any method then perform the “white glove”...

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PowerShield X Series for DCC and AC

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Buy PowerShield X Here PSX1-4 Manual (PDF – external link) PSX-AR Manual (PDF – external link) PSX Hints (PDF – external link) DCC Specialties, manufacturer of the unique HARE, Wabbit and other exclusive DCC products, has acquired the rights to the former PowerShield, a market leader line of high performance, reliable DCC circuit breakers and auto reversers. Many new product improvements and innovations have been incorporated in the new series named...

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